the adventures of tornadohead



2006 chases







march 12:  kansas city - woolridge mo  (supercells)
march 30:  peabody - council grove ks  (supercells)

april 1:  childress - vernon tx  (mcs with gustnadoes) 

april 6:  juniata - mayetta ks  (supercells & tornado) 

april 15:  sterling ne - kansas city mo (supercells including tornadic hp) 

may 4:  big spring - mertzon tx (supercell with near-softball hail)
may 5:  seminole - wellman tx  (supercells) 
may 8:  dighton - dodge city ks  (supercells) 

may 23:  kimball - parkston sd  (discrete to linear convection with gustnadoes) 

may 30:  boise city ok  (severe thunderstorms)

august 24:  lebanon - carthage sd (cyclic tornadic supercell) 

september 16: salem sd - pipestone mn (tornadic supercell)
september 21: hays - glasco ks (tornadic mini-supercells)



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