May 30 2006 western OK panhandle chase






6:57pm - another marginal high plains set-up.  i blew off chasing May 27-29 and "got away with it" so figured i better try my luck with this one.  30 and 40 knot mid- and high-level flow respectively along with some actual height falls were anticipated over the target area.  outflow boundary sagged into north TX panhandle, which I targetted near Perryton.  the cold air was too deep and surface winds remained northeasterly.  meanwhile, two lines of high-based crapvection formed in the steep low-level lapse rate air just south of the OFB.  the favorable corridor for storms to develop some rotation was small to non-existent... and storms were very slow-moving.  i headed northwest toward SE CO, as the upslope component had popped an isolate storm which was actually moving (~25kt), along the CO-NM border.  i intercepted it northwest of Boise City, OK.  it was outflow dominant.

7:16pm - a storm farther to the southwest
7:24pm - more multicell fun
7:25pm - linear mode evolves and the rest isn't much to write about...
7:45pm - gust front looms over Keyes, OK
8:10pm - pretty