May 8 2006 SW KS chase






7:32pm - marginal chase day.  sat in Rush Center at western edge of deep moisture/cu field.  no dynamics and lack of a surface boundary prevented initiation there.  an impulse coming out of CO helped things fire along the cool front in northwest KS... then fortunately convection built southwestward into southwest KS.  surface winds backed to the southeast as advertised by the RUC, but moisture was rather paltry that far to the west.  i headed southwest to the tail end of the line where three individual cells remained discrete.  the northern cell intensified rapidly just as I got ahead of it.  this is my view looking west from Highway 23 along the Lane-Finney county line.  the base rapidly became rounded and began ingesting scud.

7:36pm - nice wall cloud forms.
7:42pm - inflow or outflow?  anyone?
7:50pm - bueller?
8:05pm - i keep heading southeast on 23 to stay ahead of the spinning storm...
8:05pm - ...though it has become a wet mess
8:26pm - these next shots are taken ~3NW of Cimarron.  this is the middle storm of the three now intensifying fairly rapidly with a couple of nice mid-level "plates" and scud developing at cloud base
8:26pm - this is the southernmost storm... a shriveling funky LP that was still dropping quarter-sized hailstones just east of Garden City
8:26 - another shot of the middle storm
8:29pm - this beautiful laminar cloud band was moving slowly eastward... then was suddenly sucked into the middle storm
8:36pm - a wall cloud rapidly condenses on the middle storm to my north-northwest.  its new inflow band is also shown.  i head east to stay close.  a well-defined dust cylinder develops in the inflow region of the storm, but probably a mile or more away from the updraft.  this occurred maybe 2 miles to my northeast.  strange.

8:36pm - one last look at the funky tail-end LP.

8:47pm - intensifying middle storm at darkfall.
8:50pm wxworx radar pic of the middle storm diving ESE, and the dissolving LP.



Weather data



Sfc T/Td: 78/60 F

MLCAPE: 1668 J/kg

MLCINH: 23 J/kg

0-3 km MLCAPE: 31 J/kg

MLLCL: 1481 m

MLLFC: 2127 m

storm motion: 290 deg @ 20 kts

0-1 km SRH: 84 m2/s2

0-3 km SRH: 143 m2/s2