march 30 2006 chase






1:03pm - mini-supercell updraft passes just north of Peabody in southern Marion county KS.  storm improved structurally as i moved east, but the tail end storm just to the south was tornado-warned and it was an easy decision to drop farther east and then south for it.

1:34pm - first glimpse of southern storm RFB approaching me from northwestern Butler county.  storm had a beautiful hook and flying eagle on base reflectivity at this time.  observed quite a bit of pea-sized hail before the leading edge of the core moved by me.

1:38pm - cloud tendrils from updraft base... didn't show much rotation though

1:40pm - the 55 mile-an-hour storm skirts by to my north

1:42pm - back edge of low-level meso

1:43pm - wet RFD comes in as i follow the storm north toward Florence KS

1:52pm - another RFD shot... the cloud-base structure went downhill from here though.

2:05pm - lucky for me, highway 50 paralleled this storms updraft... so i was able to stick with it for quite a while and even had time to shoot an occasional photo

2:47pm - the storm looked high-based and like it was gusting out, and cells to the south of it were weak and struggling... so i headed west on 150 toward a chunky line with embedded supercells that had apparently produced a tornado in mcpherson county.  i caught up with a tornado-warned storm in the line south of herington... it apparently had produced a damaging tornado north of Durham about a half an hour before.  thereafter i found myself heading east toward Council grove, and by this point the weak cells south of the two cells i'd initially intercepted had begun to intensify in the far south KS flint hills... i was hopelessly out of position, and they produced a couple tornadoes including a nice truncated cone near Independence filmed by Kathryn Piotrowski



Weather data



MLCAPE: 1821 J/kg

MLCINH: 7 J/kg

MLLCL: 845 m

MLLFC: 1511 m

storm motion: 220 deg @ 48 kts

0-1 km SRH: 103 m2/s2

0-3 km SRH: 98 m2/s2

0-1 km bulk shear: 27 kts

0-6 km bulk shear: 51 kts