the adventures of tornadohead


2003 chases





april 15:  roll ok  (hp supercell)
april 23:  crowell-newcastle tx  (hp supercells)

april 29:  kensington ks  (supercell)

april 30:  gentry-st. joseph mo  (supercells)


may 04:  effingham ks-belton mo  (cyclic supercell & tornadoes)

may 06:  nevada mo-ft. scott ks  (supercell)

may 08:  junction city-bonner springs ks  (supercells)

may 10:  carrolton-monroe city mo  (supercells)
may 15:  hedley-shamrock tx  (supercells)
june 11:  amelia ne  (supercells & tornado)

june 22:  aurora-york ne  (cyclic, record-hail producing supercell)

july 14:  rembrandt ia  (lp storms)

september 10:  paradise ks  (supercell)


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