tuesday, april 15, 2003


looking west from slapout ok area


dash south for roger mills county supercell




chase log:

this was the first promising—albeit extremely dynamic—day of the season… with moderate instability and big hodographs, but strong linear forcing ahead of an intense, fast-moving shortwave.  i came up empty-handed in the end, which was super-frustrating considering the lengthy drive and my exhaustion due to having just finished graveyards.  after watching cells in the northern texas panhandle line out, i eventually intercepted one of the better storms of the day in roger mills county.  however, i was too late for the major tornado, and rapidly deteriorating conditions (a la horizontal rain) sent me back in the other direction.  a developing linear mcs proceeded to swallow me whole, but i made it to woodward where i holed up in a super 8 for the night.  my initial target (between shamrock and elk city) would have put me close to the supercell updraft early, but my nowcasters thought i should be farther north.  i at least gained some confidence out of this one.