tuesday, may 06, 2003


mid-morning elevated supercell approaching kansas city


ft. scott-nevada supercell



chase log:

regardless of the subtleties, this day looked great on paper due to a rare combination of extreme cape and very strong deep shear.  after taking a two-hour powernap following my graveyard shift, i set off toward a target of pittsburg, kansas.  i shot some nice pictures of an intense, elevated supercell coming out of northeast kansas as i traveled south through the metro.  however, unbeknownst to me, this was to be one of those i’m-going-to-tap-the-surface-later-on-and-become-a-tornado-making-machine storms.  when initiation finally occurred in far southeast kansas/southwest missouri, it was not the way i anticipated it to be and the chase became a complete rat race.  i actually passed through the town of nevada five times… three while i was actively chasing.  long story short: i was way out of position for the most favorable storms that developed on the fringe of the ozarks, and raced northeast after them; then i gave up and drove west toward the ft. scott storm, which had a huge outflow shelf and did not produce any tornadoes despite public reports.  i crossed significant damage paths from three of sunday’s tornadoes during the chase!  perhaps the most intense tornado of the year would occur just after sunset in extreme southeast missouri/southern illinois.