wednesday, april 30, 2003


initial cells in nodaway/atchinson counties


new updraft intensifies rapidly over ravenwood mo


light show on forward flank of tor-warned clinton co. supercell


twilight storm explodes over st. joseph


chase log:

from two days out, the eta was forecasting the potential for a classic localized tornado outbreak over central nebraska/kansas.  when wednesday arrived, it was clear the upper wave would be more progressive and much weaker.  high instability and moderate deep shear would support some intense supercells... but winds were largely veered in the warm sector.  thus the idea was to stay near the warm front northeast of the surface low, where srh might support some tornadoes.  this meant i'd be chasing in the hilly, semi-forested country north of kansas city.  i made plenty of stupid choices, but still managed to see some breathtaking storms and some of the most rapid convective development ever.  oddly enough, of the three supercells i witnessed, two became tornado-warned within ten minutes of me giving up on them.