wednesday, april 23, 2003


cottle/northern king co. supercell


king-knox co. supercell


throckmorton-young-jack co. supercell





chase log:

this sytem was very similar to april 15's, but ejected earlier in the day and in a less intense fashion. the eta model again did very well.  there were a few uncertainties about tornadic potential, and as a result i seriously questioned my sanity as i headed out the door at 4:30am in anticipation of a nine-hour drive.  blessedly, storms remained discrete, and i was able to play leapfrog from one supercell to the next in northwest texas. despite some really good paramaters, none of the storms i chased could produce tornadoes.  synoptic-scale lift was generous in advance of the dryline, and initiation began very early... thus the warm sector was only marginally unstable and quite narrow.  the knox county storm was absolutely beautiful though.