weather data




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1 observations


upper air

+ plan view  spc (raw w/ profilers/vwps or nam-initialized)  ncar (raw or ruc-initialized)

+ individual  spc  unisys  earl barker  cod off-hour  gsd acars/tamdar


wind profilers

+ plan view  ncar low-level 4-panel  ncar mid-level 4-panel  cod constant height

+ individual  gsd 6-min & 1-hr  cod 6-min  cod 1-hr  earl barker 1-hr (w/ srh)  ncar 1-hr (w/ hodo plot)


vad wind profiles

+ cod nd/sd/ne/ks  minot  bismarck  mayville  rapid city  aberdeen  sioux falls  north platte  hastings  omaha  goodland  dodge city  wichita  topeka 

+ cod ok/ar/tx  frederick  vance afb  norman  tulsa  ft. smith  little rock  amarillo  lubbock  midland  abilene  san angelo  ft. worth  ft. hood              

+ cod mn/ia/wi/mo/il  duluth  minneapolis  des moines  davenport  lacrosse  milwaukee  green bay  pleasant hill  springfield  st. louis  chicago  lincoln

+ cod mt/wy/co/nm  glasgow  billings  cheyenne  denver  pueblo  tucumcari



+ hpc broad scale w/ frontal analysis  noam  conus  conus w/ radar

+ hpc regional w/ frontal analysis  northeast  eastcentral  southeast  nrn plains  cntrl plains  srn plains  northwest  westcentral  southwest

+ ncar regional  nrn plains  cntrl plains  srn plains  upr ms vlly  lwr ms vlly  oh vlly  nrn rockies  cntrl rockies  [to loop]

+ al pietrycha regional  nrn plains  cntrl plains  srn plains  upr ms vlly  mid ms vlly  lwr ms vlly

+ cod state  nd  sd  ne  ks  ok  tx  mn  ia  mo  ar  wi  il  mt  wy  co

+ mesonets  ks  ok  tx  ia  madis  mesowest

+ nhc gulf of mexico  12z  18z  00z  06z

+ noaa gulf of mexico helipads  gunnison tx  east breaks tx  independence la  magnolia la  ship shoal la  innovator ms

+ noaa gulf of mexico buoys  wrn  ern  all

+ sea surface temperatures  noaa gulf of mexico  nhc atlantic  nhc atlantic anomaly  esrl global w/ anomaly  uwisc global  noaa gulf of mexico/carribean/great lakes

+ street/pavement temperatures  ks  ia


recent temperatures/precipitation

+ twc 24-hr temperature change

+ psu yesterday's max/min vs. normal

+ mesowest 24-hr max/min/precip

+ recent rainfall  cocorahs  hpc  nssl nmq

+ recent rainfall w/ departure from normal  nws  cpc  hprcc (includes temp)

+ recent snowfall  nws  cpc  rutgers

+ cpc drought  monitor  palmer



2 satellite/radar/lightning



+ fred mosher global/national/regional water vapor, infrared, visible, and fog channel

+ nasa global/national water vapor, infrared, and visible

+ water vapor  cira 12-hr north america loop  cod 5-hr national loop  ucar 5-hr national loop 

+ cod regional visible  nrn united states  srn united states

+ adds regional visible  nrn plains [loop]  cntrl plains [loop]  srn plains [loop]  upr ms vlly [loop]  lwr ms vlly [loop]  nrn rockies [loop]  cntrl rockies [loop]

+ cod state visible  nd [loop]  sd [loop]  ne [loop]  ks [loop]  ok [loop]  tx ph [loop]  nwrn tx [loop]  swrn tx [loop] 

                            mn [loop]  ia [loop]  mo [loop]  ar [loop]  wi [loop]  il [loop]  mt [loop]  wy [loop]  co [loop]

+ derived precipitable water  cimms goes  suominet gps  nesdis blended



+ national  wisc  psu (with sfc obs/mslp oa)  ciws (with vis sat/echo tops/lightning)  spc high-res  spc (with day 1 outlook and watch/warning overlay)

+ regional/individual  nws  nssl nmq  cod



+ vaisala previous 2 hours

+ spc previous 24 hours



3 objective analyses


oa systems          

+ spc  standard  conus listing  overlay 

+ earl barker  standard  overlay

+ ok mesonet

+ cod isentropic

+ cool wx


oa surface fields

+ convergence  unisys  ncar ruc w/ li 

+ suny theta and mixing ratio

+ unisys 3-hr pressure change



4 noaa products


individual afds/hwos (cod)

bis 1 2  fgf 1 2  unr 1 2  abr 1 2  fsd 1 2  lbf 1 2  gid 1 2  oax 1 2

gld 1 2  ddc 1 2  ict 1 2  top 1 2  oun 1 2  tsa 1 2  lit 1 2

ama 1 2  lbb 1 2  maf 1 2  epz 1 2  sjt 1 2  fwd 1 2  ewx 1 2

dlh 1 2  mpx 1 2  dmx 1 2  dvn 1 2  arx 1 2  mke 1 2  grb 1 2

eax 1 2  sgf 1 2  lsx 1 2  lot 1 2  ilx 1 2  pah 1 2  meg 1 2

ggw 1 2  byz 1 2  cys 1 2  bou 1 2  pub 1 2  abq 1 2


plan view afds

+ cod general

+ adds aviation



+ adds individual

+ adds java


spc/wfo products

+ cod convective outlooks, mesoscale discussions, watches

+ cod warnings

+ nws watches/warnings/advisories

+ meteostar watches/warnings/advisories


hpc forecasts

+ fronts and precip

+ qpf

+ snow

+ excessive rainfall 


cpc forecasts

+ 6-10 day temp & precip

+ 6-10 day 500mb mean/st dev

+ 8-14 day temp & precip

+ 8-14 day 500mb mean/st dev



5 numerical models



+ general pages  ncep  sref

+ psu ensembles of gefs, naefs, cmc, sref (spaghetti, mean, st dev of mean)

+ ncep naefs (spaghetti w/ ncep/cmc means)

+ gefs  ncep 00z spaghetti  ncep 12z spaghetti  earl barker spaghetti, mean  fsu confidence  spc mars

+ ncep cpc (spaghetti)  esrl (spaghetti, mean, st dev of mean, climo)

+ sref  spc  spc plume  earl barker mean  earl barker probability  ncep aviation

+ canadian (spaghetti, mean)

+ hpc 500mb preference vs. nam/gfs/ukmet/cmc/sref mean/gefs mean

+ surface cyclone tracks  hpc  ncep


long range

+ ecmwf  centre  unisys  san jose  hpc (st dev of mean)

+ ecmwf/gfs/ukmet  psu  meteocentre

+ meteostar gfs

+ ec gem


short range

+ various  cod  ncar  gsd  gsd hrrr  earl barker panes

+ ncep  all models  mesoscale branch  high-res east nam versions  nam conv fcst  ruc conv fcst  gfs lamp

+ earl barker  conus nam/gfs  conus mesogfs  plains nam/gfs/ruc 

                     nam-wrf-nmm by region  nam-wrf-arw by region

                     plains severe nam/ruc  cntrl plains and lwr ms vlly severe wrf

+ individual nws workstation wrfs

+ hpc model trends  nam 500mb  nam pmsl  gfs 500mb  gfs pmsl

+ ncep mav/met/mex mos guidance  graphical plan view  text by state


winter weather

+ earl barker nam/gfs/ruc  conus  midwest/great lakes

+ ncep nam precip type meteograms

+ wisc nam winter weather ingredients


nam-wrf isentropic lift

+ earl barker

+ university of missouri


nam-wrf simulated radar reflectivity 

+ 00z 1 km agl  ncep 4 km nmm  ncar 3 km arw 

+ 12z 1 km agl  ncep 4 km nmm  ncar 3 km arw

+ 00z misc.  ncep 4.5 km nmm, matt pyle  nssl 4 km nmm

+ 00z/12z composite  ncep 4 km nmm  ncar 3 km arw  4 km mm vs. 3 km arw  4 km nmm vs. operational nam



+ geukes earl barker nam/gfs/ruc

+ twisterdata nam/gfs

+ noaa nam/nssl 4 km

+ storm machine nam/gfs/ruc



6 archives


observational data

+ psu raobs

+ uwyo raobs

+ texas tech raobs

+ gsd profilers

+ gsd ruc/aircraft soundings

+ isu asos

+ wunderground asos/awos

+ psu observations

+ ncar observations

+ nssl observations

+ spc plan view upper air (w/ nam initialization)

+ spc severe events (miscellaneus observations)

+ noaa daily weather maps


severe weather data

+ isu storm-based warnings (all)

+ nws storm-based warnings (past week)

+ ncdc storm data

+ nssl severe storms climo

+ spc daily/monthly/yearly severe weather summaries

+ spc severe plot 3.0

+ john hart severe events by rda

+ jonathan finch tornado events

+ corey mead tornado outbreaks

+ wisc goes severe events

+ hpc storm summaries


climatology data

+ wfo rap pwat climo by raob site

+ wrcc annual precip

+ hprcc monthly temps/precip

+ ncep/ncar reanalysis w/ anomalies

+ esrl mean/anomaly composites

+ noaa weekly sst anomalies


model data

+ spc mesoanalyses

+ spc spring experiments

+ earl barker prev 24 hr ruc soundings

+ psu narr data

+ isu model data