the adventures of tornadohead




    significant chases


june 07 2008: portis ks

surprise supercell with great structure & brief tornado


may 29 2008: glen elder ks

structure-of-the-year supercell with long-track tornado


may 22 2008: utica ks

several powerful supercells with tornadoes


may 04 2007: greensburg ks

nocturnal EF5 tornado in rare high CAPE-SRH set-up


april 24 2007: nickerson ks

pretty LP supercell with brief tornadoes


february 28 2007: blue mound ks

nocturnal EF4 tornado in modest moisture/CAPE


september 21 2006: russell/beloit ks

cold core tornadoes with unseasonably deep closed low


september 16 2006: salem/colton sd

beautiful tornadoes in south dakota


august 24 2006: onida/miller/huron sd

long-track supercell with several high-contrast tornadoes


june 12 2005: clairmonte/jayton ks

several tornadoes from beastly but wet classic supercell


june 07 2005: potato creek sd

structure-of-the-year LP supercell with brief tornado


may 07 2005: gibbon/shelton ne

long-track supercell with a couple tornadoes


may 29 2004: norway/belleville ks

tornadic hp supercell


may 24 2004: washington ks

post-tornadic classic supercell


may 22 2004: alexandria/hallam ne

largest tornado ever recorded; rare set-up with

very strong CAPE-SRH-deep layer shear combo

may 04 2003: kansas city ks

F4 tornado from cyclic tornadic supercell in KC metro


august 16 2002: crofton ne

structure-of-the-year supercell in high CAPE/SRH/CIN



may 05 2002: russell ks

long-track supercell with brief tornadoes





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