monday, may 24, 2004


washington ks supercell


topeka ks supercells



chase log:

while dogged patience led to my success two days previous… during this chase it seemed to be my downfall.  an ideal environment for tornadoes evolved in a hurry on the heels of saturday and sunday's event.  i resisted the urge to head to beatrice early and landed myself at the holton, kansas library by 2:00pm, where parameters were through the roof and everything seemed to be coming together for initiation.  i ignored a questionable-looking storm on radar about 60 miles to my north-northeast, near falls city; it was threatening to cross the warm front into the cooler air.  to my dismay, within an hour or so—despite an uncapped 5000 j/kg mlcape on the 18Z topeka sounding and an incoming 500mb speed max—the cu field in my location had evaporated and gusty south-southwesterly winds were blowing dust in my face.  pressure fall charts and water vapor imagery confirmed that the upper help might either be moving away from northeast kansas, or nonexistent altogether; in hindsight, not pursuing the falls city storm was a big mistake.  with two tornado-warned storms ongoing, by 4:00pm i felt compelled to move and headed west toward the chester/belleville storm.  unsurprisingly, the storm was undercut by the time i reached it near the town of washington.  later, i drove for two convective bombs near topeka, but was hopelessly out of position to their northwest as they crawled eastward just south of the turnpike.  luckily (and to my astonishment)... i didn't miss much from those storms.